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Yeah, my old blog got erased. It looks like ThinkAtheist’s hosting account got hacked, so stuff got wiped out. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing, and I apologize to the ThinkAtheist folks for implying it was their fault before I knew for sure. read more>>>

Intelligent Design

If you aren’t familiar with The Thinking Atheist (either his YouTube channel, his podcast, his website, or his forums), you need to be. Seth Andrews, former Christian broadcaster and true believer, lends some great perspective to issues atheists deal with frequently. read more>>>

My blog got wiped…

Well, this sucks. My blog, which was originally hosted by ThinkAtheist, was totally erased with no warning whatsoever. That means that all the photos I uploaded to that page are gone, too. So if you’re browsing through my archives, any posts from before today will have no photos in them at all. Sigh. read more>>>

Time machine: January 22, 2008

Time machine: January 22, 2008

I haven’t been an atheist for long, really.

Back at the beginning of 2008, on an old (and long-since-defunct) blog of mine, I posted the following. It was one of the last things I wrote publicly as a believer, and I was barely a believer at that. I was on a lot of online forums, arguing with devout believers about the things they believed that didn’t make sense to me. read more>>>

Capital Pride Festival 2013

My meetup group, Capital Region Atheists & Agnostics, will be at this year’s Capital Pride Festival on June 9 at Washington Park in Albany. If you’re in the area, drop by and say hello! I’ve got a bunch of atheism and LGBT-related goodies to give away to people at the event.

Last year, we had a few delightful religious nutjobs protesting the Pride Parade. One of them was even someone I recognized from the Reason Rally! The kooks sure do get around. read more>>>

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