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Debate Recap: “Does God Exist?” with Matt Dillahunty and Jay Lucas

Scratch all that.

Texas can't catch a break.

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When it comes to its education standards, Texas has had a lot of bad luck these last few years. read more>>>

The map is not the territory

Regardless of what kind of theist I’m talking to online, I tend to run into a recurring argument in favor of their god: read more>>>

Not necessarily necessary

Often, when I’m bored, I’ll watch a good theist vs. atheist debate. Tonight, I was watching a debate between William Lane Craig and Lawrence Krauss about (unsurprisingly) whether or not there’s evidence for God. read more>>>

Video series: A History of God

YouTuber Evid3nc3 recently put out a couple of videos that describe the development of the modern concept of the Judeo-Christian God in great detail. From what I’ve heard and read before, he really seems to know what he’s talking about; plus he has plenty of sources cited to back up his claims. If you’re at all interested in learning about how the monotheistic god of the Abrahamic traditions came to be, you should definitely watch these. It helps explain the evolution of the mythology, from the worship of the tribal war god of the Israelites as one deity among many to the theology we see today of a singular, all-powerful creator god. read more>>>

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