We Are Awake


We are awake. We distinguish ourselves not by intelligence, but rather by the willingness to think. It is not a thing to be prideful of. We are not the first to be awake, we are simply those who are awake right now.

We are awake. Every person can be awake. It is a choice we must make every day, a choice to carefully consider all the information we receive before we accept it as true or make decisions based upon it. We make this choice not to set ourselves apart, or to pretend superiority, but because it betters our lives, and the lives of those around us.

We are awake. We must accept that we can never be completely awake. Every person has hidden stores of what they accept to be truth, but is in fact myth, misinformation, or self-delusion. We strive to be ever more awake, applying our critical faculties equally to that which we think we already know as we do to that which others tell us. We choose the up-hill path of constant re-evaluation of our beliefs over the easy slope of dogma and rationalization.

We are awake. The path of awakening frees us from mental stupor and the subtle slavery of apathy. As the awakening of the body allows it to become more active, effective, and productive, likewise the awakening of the mind allows it to become more active, effective, and productive. We need not be perfect to become better. Every time we make the choice to be awake we better our lives, regardless of how many times we might fail to do so.

We are awake. We make this choice not because we are trying to be better than others, but because we are trying to be better than we have been. Those who do not make this choice may call us arrogant for not simply accepting that which others believe in great numbers, but we know that true arrogance lies in the belief that you know better than another what path their life ought take.

We are awake. We need not live enslaved by someone else's religion, morals, or marketing campaign. We are free to understand the world as we naturally perceive it, rather than being forced to do so through the fog of another's interpretation. Our minds and the entire universe are our own to explore. In this we find our joy.

We are awake. Ours is the more difficult path, because we may not rely on faith or superstition to tell us what is right. Our decisions may never be easy or perfect, but having used our minds to eliminate as many falsehoods and inconsistencies as we were able, we can be confident that they were the best we were capable of. In this we find our peace.