Why are Retaining walls needed?   

 If you will visit any high altitude/ sloppy area, then you may see some trendy walls over the terrains. These walls are named as Retaining walls. These walls are basically made up of rocks, stone boulders, raw timbers etc. It takes a professional character to build these walls. If you will look for some scientific reasons, these walls have added a lot of value towards nature. Visit: Seattle Retaining Walls read more>>>

Yes. “Happy Holidays”, you schmuck!

joy 150w, 450w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />No, I’m not Jewish. Or Christian. Or Muslim/Hindu/Buddist/Jain/whatever! I did, however, grow up Catholic in a Jewish neighborhood. read more>>>


Cigars are an expensive hobby. Part of the fun is shopping for great deals – you can often find cigars on-line for a third of what you’d pay in a Brick and Mortar. (I still encourage people to support their local B&M, though.) There a a plethora of dealers on the ‘net, and they’re always […]

Very Bad Theater

Over the years I’ve participated in every performing art except dance. There are unenforced rules that guide every good performer. The Show Must Go On. Always Leave Them Wanting More. Don’t Work With Kids or Animals. And one that is just as important, but seldom discussed: Give Them What You Promised. If you said you […]

The People Who Voted For Trump

Hillary lost the electoral collage, which is the only thing that matters, but won the popular vote by a mere .3%. Against a buffoon like Trump. With the nearly all of the media on her side. With her party squeezing out a more popular candidate to hand her the nomination. With the payoffs (bribes in […]

Oh, Hell…

I just need to put this out there, for what it’s worth. Our two-year-old went out for his first real trick-or-treating in our neighborhood this Halloween. He came back with a giant load of candy, a huge, exhausted smile, and an odd little plastic bag that held a couple of pieces of what as kids we called “weak candy” and a tiny book. read more>>>

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