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Salon Author O’Hehir: Stupidly stuck between hipsterish self-importance and pseudointellectualism

I only just became aware of an opinion piece published in Salon on April 12th called America: Stupidly stuck between religion and science, by Andrew O’Hehir. In it the author makes the argument that religious fundamentalism is nearly dead, and that atheists who speak out against it are, effectively, self-important parrots of 19th century philosophy who are fanning fundamentalism’s last embers for the media so they can pretend to be smarter than you. read more>>>

Afraid: Of Their Parents?

Once upon a time, I used to write for a site called Ask The Atheists. Well, I still do, but the site’s dropped severely in popularity over the last three years, so there aren’t many questions to answer nowadays. It was once a wonderful place where, aside from the occasional trolling question, people came with honest questions and problems, and a vetted list of writers would express their take on the issues involved. read more>>>

You’re So Judgemental!

I’ve been told this a lot lately. I “shouldn’t judge people because I don’t know their story”. I “shouldn’t judge, because glass houses, and stones, and stuff”. I “shouldn’t judge because I haven’t walked a mile in their shoes”. read more>>>

Critical Thinking for the Masses

Brian Dunning, of the weekly podcast Skeptoid, does a lot of good work exposing pseudoscience in our popular culture. Most of the time, he focuses on a single topic and applies critical thinking and scientifically confirmed evidence to claims made for things like bigfoot, homeopathy, conspiracy theories, intelligent design, anti-vaxxers, etc. If you have the time, I highly recommend visiting his site and listening to a few episodes, especially on topics that interest or concern you. It’s quite eye-opening! read more>>>

Natural Childbirth and The Bradley Method(ish)

When Sabrina and I decided we would attempt natural childbirth, our next big task was to research what we had to do to make that happen. There were thousands of possibilities, but the major/best recommended ones came down to “get an epidural”, “Lamaze”, and “The Bradley Method”. read more>>>

“Political Religionists”

I first saw this term in this Ben Swann articleProblem With Libertarians on the internal divisions among those on the “liberty-leaning”/”libertarian” side of the political spectrum. read more>>>

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Despite a decade of Catholic school, I have never been a believer. I guess I was just born without the gene! Nevertheless, I've always tried to explore others' ideas and practices, on the theory that just because you can't use one part of a product, it doesn't mean you have to throw the whole thing away.
I spent over a decade traveling the world, and I've lived in both Europe and the US. I've read the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Koran. I've studied engineering, yoga, martial arts, shooting sports, and ballroom dancing. What I've discovered is that a) spirituality is just a spooky sounding word for any of a number of methods for learning about yourself and your mind, and b) whatever word you use, doing so is the single most important thing in learning to be happy.
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