Using Scrivener to Write “World Of Tanks: The Missing Manual”

Note: This is not a beginner’s tutorial; it assumes you already know how to use Scrivner. I got the idea for Blood Witness in the early eighties. I poked at it for a couple of years before I finally sat down and finished it. Then I spent another year on revisions and edits. I made […]

Service Experts Ripoff

Eight years ago, Roland J. Down, a large local company, installed a new heater and air conditioner in my home. I’ve had them do a few annual inspections since then, so a week ago, when the air conditioner died during a heat wave, I gave them a call.  The repair guy showed up on time, […]

Let’s keep piling on, shall we?

The Texas Freedom Network had a post about our dear creationist friend today as well. In the comments, someone who has spoken with Dr. Shormann previously had this to say: read more>>>

The nitwit has responded…

So Dr. Shormann responded to my comment:


Why did you delete the comment which pointed out that you were lying about being a published researcher, when in fact all you did was fund a study?

Evidence – this website, about 2 hours ago:

Here’s what he had to say:

Creationists lie. In other news, water is wet.

So there’s a creationist twit in Texas whining about how the Houston Atheists will be demonstrating at a creationist home schooling convention and at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.He wrote up a blog screed about it, dropping mental turds about read more>>>

Sanjay Sanghoee v. Libertarians

This is in response to this article, so please read it first. There’s no excuse for this level of ignorance – he could have cured it with a ten-minute Google search or a fifteen-minute conversation with an actual libertarian. Even the URL, which contains the phrase “libertarian-tea-party,” is wrong. (Most likely, it’s an attempt to [...]

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