Therapy for The Delicate Flowers

I have developed a therapy for the Delicate Flowers who are triggered by chalk marks, someone raising their hand in class, or the cafeteria making tacos. I have spend a great deal of time and money developing it, but am giving it away freely, as a gift to mankind. It doesn’t always work on the […]

The Quick Hitts Podcast is Back

After a four-year podfade, the Quick Hitts podcast is back! Since the show faded, a lot of folks have asked about it returning. Some of you even pleaded for it. (Actual quote: “Please, please, PLEASE bring it back.”) So I conducted an experiment. My plan was to do six shows – a minimum of one […]

Bringing People Together

You want to get us together, Bernie? Then get out of the damn way. Let us peacefully decide what we want to do and who we want to do it with. Let us. . .

I Don’t Want To Be An Angel

Most religions promise a joyful afterlife as a disembodied spirit. Few believers really think about how unsatisfying that would be. Me, I never want to be an angel.


The world loves David Bowie. It seems like every fourth of fifth Facebook post in my feed is about him. Some folks might be tired of so many blasts of information, but they all make me appreciate him even more. And through all of them, from when he was a teenager campaigning for the freedom […]

Keep Clear Of “WhatsApp”!

NoWhatsAppToday, in a work-related panic to troubleshoot a technical problem with a colleague stuck overseas with only data-service, I broke my own rule to never install a phone app without researching it exhaustively. He needed help, and only had WhatsApp with which to send/receive text messages, so I just installed the app to get the job done, and put out the fire. read more>>>

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