Is the Catholic Church a Force for Good?

This weekend, BBC World aired a wonderful debate between Archbishop John Onaiyekan and Ann Widdencombe for the motion, and Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry against the motion. Fun fact: Stephen Fry worked alongside Hugh Laurie (aka Dr. Gregory House) in the hilarious sketch comedy A Bit of Fry and Laurie. read more>>>

Don't Pigeon-hole Me!

There are a lot of terms for the non-religious, with various shades of meaning. Each has a textbook definition, and each has its own connotations, both positive and negative. The problem is, few of them describe an actual worldview, and those that do are often inappropriate for the actual beliefs of any particular person. read more>>>

Dogma vs. Critical Thinking

Dogma is one of the greatest threats to our development, both as individuals and as a species. It is variously defined, but most definitions boil down to: " a specific tenet or doctrine authoritatively laid down, as by a church". The key there, is the authoritatively. It comes with the implication that the authority can't be questioned. read more>>>

Religious Wrong?

Can someone explain the anti-abortion, anti-birth-control people? I can see where you might think abortion is killing a person. I’m not sure I buy it, since I don’t get my opinions from the crazed scribblings of 2000 year old desert hermits (i.e. I’d like to see some science one way or the other), but I […]


I got an junk email the other day from someone trying to convince me that there must be a god, since DNA is too complex to have ‘happened by accident’, and is irrefutable evidence of ‘intelligent design’ (oh yeah, and as Carlin put it “He needs money!”). My first thought was a reasoned response pointing […]

Which came first, the Jesus-Fish or the Humorist?

So I have a few more bumper-sticker observations! Of late, I’ve been seeing lots of Jesus/Darwin/Evolution/Truth/Crazy-ass Religious Nut fish on my morning commute. While I have to admit I enjoyed the humor, until I was overexposed to the whole thing, I still can’t grasp why there’s an argument in the first place! Any way you […]

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