Jury Duty

If someone is really guilty of murder, rape, robbery, assault, fraud, animal abuse - anything where there is an actual victim - I want to see them punished, but that brings in a whole different slew of doubts and problems.

Are You Really 32 Times More Likely to be Killed by Your Own Gun?

When anti-gunners claim you're 34 times more likely to be killed by your own gun than to use it in defense, they're lying. Here's how they concoct that number.

Shoving It Down Your Throat

Well, it finally happened! Someone on Facebook who had somehow found their way into my friends list sent me a message telling me they couldn’t bear to see any more of my ‘viscous’ attacks on their faith, so they were going to unfriend me. It came with all the usual cliches, like how I was “shoving my beliefs down other people’s throats”, “freedom of religion doesn’t mean freedom from religion, “why can’t you just keep your opinions to yourself”, etc… read more>>>

Bernie Sanders is Right About One Thing. Maybe Two.

Bernie Sanders is very good at pointing out problems. A few of his favorites are imaginary, but most are real, and all of them have been created by big government. Bernie has a way of expressing them in a way that appeals to our inherent class envy. Bernie’s solutions will make things far worse. Maybe […]

The Clue Absorbing Field

All of us are wrong about some things, but there is a special subset of humans who are wrong about everything. Politics, science, economics, art, history, human nature, culture, music – the subject doesn’t matter. They are predictably, inevitably and always wrong. I’m working on a scientific-sounding theory that explains this phenomenon. My hypothesis is these people are […]

A Keyboard for Progressives

PC PC Peripherals is proud to announce their new keyboard. It’s specially designed to withstand the rigors of lefty facebooking, tweeting and blogging. For years our friends have have to replace keyboards with worn out R, A, C, I, S and T keys. Their 1 key wears out even faster, from typing so many exclamation […]

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