Natural Childbirth and The Bradley Method(ish)

When Sabrina and I decided we would attempt natural childbirth, our next big task was to research what we had to do to make that happen. There were thousands of possibilities, but the major/best recommended ones came down to “get an epidural”, “Lamaze”, and “The Bradley Method”. read more>>>

“Political Religionists”

I first saw this term in this Ben Swann articleProblem With Libertarians on the internal divisions among those on the “liberty-leaning”/”libertarian” side of the political spectrum. read more>>>

Numinous Ruminations

Finally, a word to describe my worldview!


How *NOT* To Be a Rationalist

An atheist group in Southern California has “won” their battle to have a religious memorial removed from the side of a highway. The memorial, consisting of large wooden crosses, was placed by the mother of a young man killed by a teenager incautiously driving an SUV several years ago. The atheist group, “The American Humanist Association of Riverside County”, wrote a letter to their city council making the accurate point that as the roadside was public land, a religious display was unconstitutional. read more>>>

No E-Cigs For You!

More and more smokers are switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Instead of smoke from burning tobacco and paper, E-cigs provide water vapor infused with a bit of nicotine and flavoring, (Using an e-cig is referred to as “vaping” instead of smoking, and users are referred to as “vapers.”) There is no tar, carbon monoxide, […]

Update for World of Tanks: The Missing Manual

Version 1.5 of World of Tanks, The Missing Manual is now available. It contains about 20% more content than the first version, and has also been updated to reflect changes in the game. The version number is now noted on the Intro page. If there’s no version number on your Intro page, you’ve got the […]

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