Critical Thinking for the Masses

Brian Dunning, of the weekly podcast Skeptoid, does a lot of good work exposing pseudoscience in our popular culture. Most of the time, he focuses on a single topic and applies critical thinking and scientifically confirmed evidence to claims made for things like bigfoot, homeopathy, conspiracy theories, intelligent design, anti-vaxxers, etc. If you have the time, I highly recommend visiting his site and listening to a few episodes, especially on topics that interest or concern you. It’s quite eye-opening! read more>>>

Natural Childbirth and The Bradley Method(ish)

When Sabrina and I decided we would attempt natural childbirth, our next big task was to research what we had to do to make that happen. There were thousands of possibilities, but the major/best recommended ones came down to “get an epidural”, “Lamaze”, and “The Bradley Method”. read more>>>

“Political Religionists”

I first saw this term in this Ben Swann articleProblem With Libertarians on the internal divisions among those on the “liberty-leaning”/”libertarian” side of the political spectrum. read more>>>

Numinous Ruminations

Finally, a word to describe my worldview!


How *NOT* To Be a Rationalist

An atheist group in Southern California has “won” their battle to have a religious memorial removed from the side of a highway. The memorial, consisting of large wooden crosses, was placed by the mother of a young man killed by a teenager incautiously driving an SUV several years ago. The atheist group, “The American Humanist Association of Riverside County”, wrote a letter to their city council making the accurate point that as the roadside was public land, a religious display was unconstitutional. read more>>>

No E-Cigs For You!

More and more smokers are switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Instead of smoke from burning tobacco and paper, E-cigs provide water vapor infused with a bit of nicotine and flavoring, (Using an e-cig is referred to as “vaping” instead of smoking, and users are referred to as “vapers.”) There is no tar, carbon monoxide, […]

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