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On My Foul Language And Low-Quality Posts

trollI would like to take this opportunity to thank so many of my commenters for their kind and helpful input on my posting habits. Surely, I would have no idea how my offhand political jokes and adult language were clogging up your infospace if you didn’t take the time to stop by and tell me! read more>>>

The Light Of Reason In His Eyes…

My wife thinks I’m a bit of a nut, but I can’t help but analyze everything to death. I spend a great deal of time with my baby boy, and while I revel in the experience, there’s a little piece of me deep down that seems to just observe and ponder. While some might find […]

If You Think Atheism Is A Religion, You Should Read This

There’s a lot of stupid on the intarwebs. If you can’t let most of it slide, you’re going to spend a lot of time angry. However, some of the stupid gets repeated over and over, and at some point, someone has to speak out about it, or sheer repetition will get people starting to think it’s true. This is one that’s been coming back over and over in recent years, and I just can’t let it slide, because now, I even see otherwise intelligent friends of mine saying it like they think it makes sense. read more>>>

Ego Depletion and Parenting

BrainMy recent experiences as a new father have brought me to become interested in a concept in psychology called Ego Depletion. There’s a fair amount of scientific evidence backing up the idea that your ability to exert self-control/willpower is contingent on the use of some depletable resource in your brain. read more>>>

Salon Author O’Hehir: Stupidly stuck between hipsterish self-importance and pseudointellectualism

I only just became aware of an opinion piece published in Salon on April 12th called America: Stupidly stuck between religion and science, by Andrew O’Hehir. In it the author makes the argument that religious fundamentalism is nearly dead, and that atheists who speak out against it are, effectively, self-important parrots of 19th century philosophy who are fanning fundamentalism’s last embers for the media so they can pretend to be smarter than you. read more>>>

Afraid: Of Their Parents?

Once upon a time, I used to write for a site called Ask The Atheists. Well, I still do, but the site’s dropped severely in popularity over the last three years, so there aren’t many questions to answer nowadays. It was once a wonderful place where, aside from the occasional trolling question, people came with honest questions and problems, and a vetted list of writers would express their take on the issues involved. read more>>>

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Despite a decade of Catholic school, I have never been a believer. I guess I was just born without the gene! Nevertheless, I've always tried to explore others' ideas and practices, on the theory that just because you can't use one part of a product, it doesn't mean you have to throw the whole thing away.
I spent over a decade traveling the world, and I've lived in both Europe and the US. I've read the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Koran. I've studied engineering, yoga, martial arts, shooting sports, and ballroom dancing. What I've discovered is that a) spirituality is just a spooky sounding word for any of a number of methods for learning about yourself and your mind, and b) whatever word you use, doing so is the single most important thing in learning to be happy.
My blog, The Passionate Rationalist ( is dedicated to my thoughts both on gaining self-knowledge and using your mind to eliminate misunderstanding and delusion.