One thing that believers in my family keep telling me is that "you can't be good without god." Basically, morality has no natural explanation, it can only be explained by a supernatural law giver, i.e. god. Someone in my family even bought me Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis to prove the point. I read half way through it and saw exactly where he was going with his argument. I haven't finished the book because i know that can't be true. After reading the Bible i know that it is not the best source of morality. My question is this, are there any books of ebooks that explain a natural arrival to morality? Why do most of us know right from wrong. Why do i feel outraged when i read about someone being raped or molested in the paper? Why don't i just say, " well the guy was just following his natural impulses." I know rape is wrong, but not because god told me. There has to be a natural explanation. Does anyone know of a book that has a good, natural explanation to the rise of morality in society? or as a species?

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