Why are Retaining walls needed?   

 If you will visit any high altitude/ sloppy area, then you may see some trendy walls over the terrains. These walls are named as Retaining walls. These walls are basically made up of rocks, stone boulders, raw timbers etc. It takes a professional character to build these walls. If you will look for some scientific reasons, these walls have added a lot of value towards nature. Visit: Seattle Retaining Walls

Let’s have some look at the valuable purposes of building these walls:-

  • If you own a yard, which is very much hilly or sloppy in nature, then building a Retaining wall over that area can help you a lot. Construction of these Retaining walls on slopes can convert that useless area into a flat surface area. You can then use this flat area in building your gardens, parking space, sports ground or a lounge to hang out with your friends.
  • With the help of Retaining walls, sometimes are mountain sides are designed into a series of steps, this process is known as Terracing. Terracing makes that sloppy area a useful land for farmers to grow crops. Not only farmers, this process also help many resorts in hilly areas to establish their business.
  • It is a very cost effective process and helps to prevent the soil erosion in mountain areas. In slopes, the chances of soil erosion are more as the dirt is easily lost over the earth. And soil erosion can cause a great loss to your property and livelihood, so in order to prevent erosion; these walls are constructed to provide a solid strength to the foundation, which will prevent the soil from retaining its position.
  • Constructing Retaining walls on your areas can improve the site drainage system. The walls can direct proper amount of water to your desired area so that you can get the full use of water.
  • Sometimes a series of retaining walls are termed as Sea walls. These walls mainly prevent from flooding in rainy seasons. These walls separate land from water. This prevents the erosion of shore areas and helps to maintain the dock area where the boats are kept.
  • Retaining walls establish an attractive focal point on your landscape view, which helps many hotels and resorts in doing their business.
  • These walls create slopes in a gentle manner, which provides accessibility to the handicapped person to walk on.

Apart from all these benefits of building Retaining walls, there are small disadvantages, which you need to take care of:-

  • If you are going for Poured Retaining walls, then you need to care of that wall. It will have some vertical cracks due to a sudden change in temperature or maximum pressure. The maintenance of these walls can be very expensive.
  • Brick Retaining walls are not able to carry an excessive amount of pressure from soil, hence results in a poor foundation and falls out.
  • Sometimes timber is used in building the Retaining walls, so termites may attack the walls and can destroy the walls.