Impomptu Gathering: Drinks on International Blasphemy Day - September 30th

In honor of International Blasphemy Day, the Capital Region Atheists and Agnostics have planned a somewhat last-minute (but surely entertaining) get-together at an exciting new location! Organizer Rick says:

OK, it's a Sunday evening which is hardly prime get-away time for those of us who are in a house or family way. And lots of people have stuff to do on weekends. But hey, it's International Blasphemy Day. It would be a shame to let it pass without at least a brief gathering with your snarky friends, to let the world know that in the public square, at least, no dogma is sacred, and no belief is immune to challenge or safe from ridicule. Not that the inside of a sports bar is exactly the public square, but we can have a lot of fun talking about righteous free speech punks of the Godful. And the Giants will be playing the Eagles later on so the football-inclined among us can look forward to a peek at that on the really big screen.

Join us for a cold one!

Sunday, September 30th 2012, at 6:30 PM
Scarboroughs Restaurant & Tavern
497 Old Niskayuna Road, Latham, NY

International blasphemy day

To hold such day is irrational on several counts and must be banished.

1. It is offensive for many believers. Not showing respect is irrational because it fosters humiliation and conflict.
2. Humiliation and and anger do not favor the rational thought necessary to consider god unnecesary.
3. It shows excessive preocupation with god and therefore is an indirect recognition of god beyond the mind of the believer. Those jews, christians, moslems and others who believe must be treated just another school of thought to be left alone or engaged in rational discussion. To me is self evident the existence of god is not a rational conclusion based on what i see and know, even less rational is to believe in the magical jewish god, no matter how comforting he can be to the believer because such god liberates the believer from rationally observe and analyze nature.

This is why ancient jews were far less advanced than the ancient greeks in every area. With the jewish god everything is explained, except god himself and his word which must be studied and discussed over and over. Such study and discussion probably exercises the mind and perhaps train jews to look at things in different ways, particularly when jews live in non jewish lands as history shows jews were never able to create their own civilization and did not invent the alphabet, geometry, math, astronomy, physics or any other science (although individual jews have made very important contributions to the schools of thought developead by other peoples). jews did not invent painting, literature, sculpture, architecture (the only piece of jewish architecture we know of is tle wailing wall in jerusalem and anyone can see that is far more primitive than greek architecture). jews did not invent or discover electricity, steam engine, nuclear energy, the wheel, the printing press, the compass, tle microscope, the telescope and were way behind ancient greeks in medicine. Of course they did not think of the olympics, neither were they great explorers. The jewish god ties them down. In fact.sif you visit israel today you quickly see is far below anglo saxon countries (the us is in its way to anglosaxon oblivion), the germanic-scandinavians and japan in quality of civic life, education, corruption, standard of living, etc. And you can readily see the average israely jew is far less developed and civilized than the average jew in the us or europe.

People even speak of the superior intelligence of the ashkenazy (german) jew. Anyonoe can see such jews have german etc genes and certainly are the product of the modern germanic which singe the rennaissance is in many ways a continuation of ancient gmeek thought.

As for christianity we all know the conversion to christianity by the romans certainly did not revive the roman empire, roman society, roman engineering, roman la, etc. In fact the west fell asleep under the spell of the judeo-christian god. The dark ages coincide with the rule of christian thought. The only thought allowed was to spread the gospel. This fit in with the ancient europena tradition of looking afar as shown by ancient greeks, phoenicians, romans and vikings.

Columbus did not challenge the judeo christian beliefs like galileo did, and we all know what happened to him, or how a westernized jew, spinoza was treated by the jewish priests and many fellow jews.

The west, the world, did not start to use reason to undertand the physical world and the spiritual world in rational tems until the renaissance pushed religion back. Unfortunately we hav not yet reached the ancient greeks when reason and logic allow many different schools of thought to try to understand everything by looking at everything and reasoning step by step about the physical, psychological, moral and legal world. The judeo christian god "explains" every thing, no need to reason. Reason may even be inmoral (galileo and many others experinced the effects).

Of course, reason will never explain everything because every answer presents new questions and that is beautiful, humbling and challenging. Only reason, the clear conviction that we must work to understand the world by ourselves brings dignity and self respect to humans. Of course sometimes we make irrational mistakes; wars, genocide, etc. , but such mistakes will not be prevented by religion as history shows over and over. Often, even in the name of religion, we have slaughtered each other. Right now we see how two religions, with basically the same jewish god, slaughter each other in israel-palestine. You can not get more irrational.

Religion can not be superior to human nature. God is like marxism, another seductive but nonsensical idea. The rational only way for israeli jews and palestinians out will be through reason. As long as each side holds on to their religious beliefs and a same god who tells them both at the same time they are both right in their claims even a snail can figure out peace is impossible.

Either the palestinians or the israelis will be destroyed. The odds are against the jews. History shows that. Strategically the jews have made the huge mistake of wantin to return to the old promised land, they lacked a new moses to take them to an even better promised land. No, the us is not the promised land because, as always happens, history proves it over and over, american society sooner or later will turn on the jews or indifferent tn their fate. When that happens israel will last a week.

So, lets us work to help fellow humans reason about the world. Others must move at their pace, like everyone of us has done. It is not rational to push or offend them.