About Us

Humankind has invented thousands of gods, religions, and other superstitious beliefs over the millenia. Our bloody history is more than proof enough that all these irrational beliefs are inherently dangerous, and that if the future of our species is to be a bright one, we must overcome our superstitious tendencies and mindless reliance on dogma with critical thinking.

Along the way, however, we must stop to recognize that religions and other belief systems have been as seductive as they are to so many because they fulfill two basic needs that all humans share, namely community and self-exploration. Without these, we lack vital emotional support and the ability to know and improve ourselves. These needs, traditionally defined as 'spirituality' by superstition and religion, are very real, and common to all humans, regardless of the belief system they adhere to.

The Society of Reason is dedicated to fulfilling critical thinkers' needs for community and self-exploration both by creating a real-world community for them to belong to, and seeking out and developing techniques for introspection while avoiding their traditionally metaphysical trappings.

We are based in the Capital Region of New York State, and welcome all freethinkers, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and any other adherents of critical thinking. Come help us build our community and find personal advancement together!