A Community Letting Me Down

Dozens dead in a Connecticut school shooting. It's horrendous. It's also a political football already, which is even more horrendous.

No sooner had the reports come out, than the media and internet were full of assholes using it to push their agenda. This proves we need more gun control; This proves we need more guns in civilian hands; This proves we need more funding for random screenings of the populace, to detect mental illness; This means we need more religious crap in our society.

You can't wait even 24 hours to let these people mourn, before you start using them for your own ends?!?!?!? It's disgusting...

The worst part is that so many prominent members of the "rational" community showed themselves to be such hypocrites. They immediately jumped up to (rightly) attack the religious right for making this about their theocratic agenda, but then turned around and promptly started pushing their own agenda, saying things like "but, it's not too soon to talk about gun control."

Some days, I have little hope for our species...

About the Author

Despite a decade of Catholic school, I have never been a believer. I guess I was just born without the gene! Nevertheless, I've always tried to explore others' ideas and practices, on the theory that just because you can't use one part of a product, it doesn't mean you have to throw the whole thing away.
I spent over a decade traveling the world, and I've lived in both Europe and the US. I've read the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Koran. I've studied engineering, yoga, martial arts, shooting sports, and ballroom dancing. What I've discovered is that a) spirituality is just a spooky sounding word for any of a number of methods for learning about yourself and your mind, and b) whatever word you use, doing so is the single most important thing in learning to be happy.
My blog, The Passionate Rationalist (http://www.societyofreason.com/devoutrationalist) is dedicated to my thoughts both on gaining self-knowledge and using your mind to eliminate misunderstanding and delusion.