The Society of Reason, based in the Capital Region of New York State, believes that while superstition, religious dogma, and other irrational belief systems are dangerous tools of manipulation and power to be rejected by critical thinkers, there are inherent human needs for community and self-examination that should not be rejected along with them.
Our mission is twofold: First, to create a community for skeptics, freethinkers, atheists, naturalists, agnostics, brights, and any other adherents of critical thought; and second, to explore and refine tools for critical introspection and self-improvement that avoid entanglement in superstition and religious dogma.


Haiti Disaster Relief

As you have probably already heard, on Tuesday, January 12th, Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, was slammed by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake, with the city very near to its epicenter. First estimates are that 3 million people have lost access to power and safe food and water, with a large percentage of those having lost their homes completely, and an as yet unknown death toll. read more>>>

Freethought in the Pub - Northern Exposure Edition

The Capital Region Atheists and Agnostics Meetup Group is planning a get-together on Thursday, January 14th at The Mill on Round Lake, just north of Clifton Park. Organizer Rick says: read more>>>

Cat Herding - A historic first

There's been a big meeting of most of the large secular organizations, and they've gotten together to start planning a "Unity Conference" to build a common action front. Considering how much organizing freethinkers is like herding cats, this is a huge deal!

It's not a sure thing yet, but this is the first time anything like this has *ever* happened. Very exciting stuff... read more>>>

Capital District Humanists Present: John Delano

On January 10th, the Capital District Humanist Society will host a free, open to the public presentation titled "The Search for Origins and Distribution of Life in the Galaxy." The speaker will be John Delano, Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Dept. read more>>>

Last Gathering of the Godless for 2009!

The Capital Region Atheists and Agnostics Meetup Group is planning a get-together on Thursday, December 24th at the Gold Coin Restaurant in Albany. Organizer Deb says: read more>>>

Freethought in the Pub--Holiday Cheer Edition!

Come out to the pub December third, for a holiday celebration with the Capital Region Atheists and Agnostics Meetup Group. It will be at Brown's Brewing Company at 417 River St. in Troy at 5:30 PM. Organizer Rick says: read more>>>

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