The Society of Reason, based in the Capital Region of New York State, believes that while superstition, religious dogma, and other irrational belief systems are dangerous tools of manipulation and power to be rejected by critical thinkers, there are inherent human needs for community and self-examination that should not be rejected along with them.
Our mission is twofold: First, to create a community for skeptics, freethinkers, atheists, naturalists, agnostics, brights, and any other adherents of critical thought; and second, to explore and refine tools for critical introspection and self-improvement that avoid entanglement in superstition and religious dogma.


Freethought Get-together: November 19th!

The Capital Region Atheists and Agnostics Meetup Group is planning a get-together on Novermber 19th at Professor Java's, in Albany. Organizer Deb says: read more>>>

The Crazies are Coming!

According to a story posted in the Albany Times Union, Fred Phelps' extreme fundamentalist Westboro Baptist Church is sending a group of its members to Albany. On Friday, November 20th Albany High School's drama Department will be staging a production of "The Laramie Project", the story of a young college student who was beaten to death because he was gay. read more>>>

Drop-cards Available for Download.

Members can now help promote our website and reach out to new disbelievers with a downloadable ".pdf" file that they can download and distribute freely. The file, when printed, produces fifteen cards on a single page. They can be used like business cards or as drop-cards to be left out at coffee-houses, bars, neighborhood stores, etc... All you need to do is download, print, and cut into cards. read more>>>

Personal Blogs - Free to All Comers!

The Society of Reason's website now offers free blog-space to all members. If you choose to participate, you will be given your own private blog, with a title that you can set from your account settings page. Your posts will be included in the "Society of Reason Blogs" section for all to see, and you will have your own rss news feed, for others to link to your blog. read more>>>

First article submitted to our library!

A big part of the way the society can achieve its goals is to provide support and resources to those who are unsure where their beliefs really stand. After only a few days in existence, we have our first article submission for exactly that purpose, the stunningly moving "Why I Am an Atheist" by Michael McElroy, one of our local atheist bloggers. read more>>>


Welcome to the Society of Reason's new website! The society is here to serve as a hub for the New York State Capital District's non-religious community and a resource to help the newly non-religious in our community to learn and connect with other like-minded individuals. read more>>>

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