The Society of Reason, based in the Capital Region of New York State, believes that while superstition, religious dogma, and other irrational belief systems are dangerous tools of manipulation and power to be rejected by critical thinkers, there are inherent human needs for community and self-examination that should not be rejected along with them.
Our mission is twofold: First, to create a community for skeptics, freethinkers, atheists, naturalists, agnostics, brights, and any other adherents of critical thought; and second, to explore and refine tools for critical introspection and self-improvement that avoid entanglement in superstition and religious dogma.


Atheists at Javas....December Edition

The Capital Region Atheists and Agnostics are planning another coffee-house get-together on December 6th. Organizer Deb says: read more>>>

Fall Highway Cleanup - November 6th

Our local Capital Region Atheists and Agnostics Meetup Group is at it again, cleaning up our streets and getting out the news that non-theists are good citizens. On Sunday, November 6th, they invite you to help clean up their adopted highway (Rt. 9R, in Latham, NY).

Organizer Rick says:

Here's an opportunity for all the folks who were enthusiastic when we first contemplated this project, but whose busy summer schedules prevented participation in the initial clean-ups. read more>>>

The End of the World (We go to hell with no supper.) - October 21st

Sponsored by the Capital Region Atheists and Agnostics, this special event celebrates yet another second coming (is it a twentieth coming if no one showed the first nineteen times?), as predicted by lovable nutbag Harold Camping and his supporters. Come on out and join your fellow unbelievers for an evening of revelry in preparation for yet another eternal damnation!

Organizer Rick says:

Atheists In The Pub: Flesh Of My Flesh Edition - October 18th

Sponsored by the Capital Region Atheists and Agnostics, this event is trying out a new location. Come on out and join your fellow unbelievers for an evening of good food and drink, great discussion, camaraderie, and support.

Organizer Rick says:

CDHS Presents "From Fundimentalism to Freedom" - October Ninth

In this month's free, open to the public CDHS presentation, Marc Adams, founder of HeartStrong, providing hope and help to GLBT students, will discuss his personal journey from fundamentalism to self-acceptance and personal freedom. read more>>>

International Talk Like A Pirate Day - September Nineteenth

In honor of the holiest day in the Pastafarian calendar, a piratey feast will be held! Capital District observers will meet at the Macaroni Grill on Wolf Road at 7PM on September 19th.

Meetup event creator Risa says:

Avast Ye Landlubbers!

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